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Configuring the IT 3100 to use static network information must be done at the clock. This must be done when Network the clock is on does not support DHCP, the clock needs to be placed on a specific network, or Attendance Enterprise needs to communicate directly to the clock for polling and updating. Before you begin this process, please contact your IT Staff to obtain the correct Static Network Information.

  1. Press the  button.

  2. Type 1905 and then press the  button.

  3. Press  to highlight Settings and press  to select.

  4. Press  to highlight Device and press  to select.

  5. Press  to highlight Communications and press  to select.

  6. Press  to highlight DHCP and press  to select.

  7. Press  to change the DHCP option to Yes and press  to confirm.

  8. Press  until you are back at the Setup menu.

    The clock needs to be restarted before it will utilize DHCP to obtain network information.

  9. Press  to highlight Operations and press  to select.

  10. Press  to highlight Restart Terminal and press  to select.

  11. Press  until the clock begins to restart.
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