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L-Application Use of Restrictions

Use of time based restrictions is to limit the employee from punching. Schedules must be used in order to achieve desired results. This uses areas before and after the start and end time that locks the employee punching. Each company is different and not all of the options need to be used.


  • Enable Restrictions when Unscheduled YES/NO

How would you like this setup?

1. Before scheduled start time is set.             Area Begin ___:____ Area End ___:____
2. After scheduled start.                                 Area Begin ___:____ Area End ___:____
3. Before scheduled end.                                Area Begin ___:____ Area End ___:____
4. After scheduled end.                                  Area Begin ___:____ Area End ___:____
5. Minimum punched out duration.                 ___:____                    Stop Unscheduled shifts   Y   /  N