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Saving time is top on many people’s list – especially in the New Year. Here are our top 5 questions through the call center with answers that are fast and easy!

Unlocking Time Cards

When you need to unlock time cards for your organization, there’s an easy way to do it. Find our step-by-step guide at Unlocking a Single Time Card (AOD) or Unlocking a Single Time Card (AE)

Not only will you find the steps on these page but you will also see an animated screen shot showing you how your screen will look as you go through the process.

Cleaning Your Clock

It’s always a good idea to keep things clean – but ESPECIALLY during cold and flu season. You can clean your time clock with a non-alcohol based cleaner (example: Simple Green + water) and microfiber cloth. You can also order cleaning kits through us at by emailing

We encourage you to clean your time clock at least once a month depending on your industry. If your workers are frequently in dusty environments, it’s best to clean even more often.

Calculating Time Using : or .

While it might seem obvious, it’s important to make sure your calculations on time use these two punctuation marks differently. When you’re using a : (colon), you are noting exact time as you would read it on a clock. When you are using a . (period), you are using time as a decimal point and therefor a fraction of the time. See 4 for additional information on differences.

Reading and Calculating Time Information

When calculating time our system uses decimal points to total the time. For instance, when the system reads 2.25, the time allotted that person is 2 hours and 15 minutes. In this instance the .25 is a quarter of the hour and therefor equals 15 minutes. Calculating time in this way is easier because you can work in whole numbers (where hours are calculated in 60 minute increments and not as easy to evaluate).

An example might be that you had an employee work the following shifts –

  • Tuesday 8.5 hours
  • Wednesday 5 hours
  • Thursday 7.5 hours
  • Friday 3.25 hours
  • The total of this employees hours would be 24.25 (24 hours and 15 minutes).

Customer Support Portal is the Place To Start

We’ve answered some frequently asked questions but there are so many more that are easily answered through the Information Controls Customer Support Portal. Our customer support portal is centralized hub for the online support and tools we use to help you manage your Attendance on Demand or Attendance Enterprise system. Here is a link . Take a look and be sure to bookmark for the next time you have a quick question. 

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