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Before employees can be enrolled at your time clock, they must have a badge number. Once your employees know their badge number, they will be ready to be enrolled.

  1. Press the  button (top button on the right side of the screen).

  2. Enter 1358 when prompted for a PIN and press .
    1. PINs may vary. Contact Tech Support if this PIN does not work.

  3. The Enrollment Menu will be displayed on the screen with Enroll being the default selection.

  4. Press  to begin enrollment.

  5. When prompted, Enter the employee's badge number and press .

  6. Have the employee place their first finger on the reader and wait until prompted to remove it.

    1. Enrollment requirements may vary. It is recommended to have at least one finger from each hand enrolled.
    2. Each finger will need to be placed 3 times.

  7. When the enrollment is completed successfully, the screen will say "Completed. Thank You!".
    1. After a short pause, you will be returned to the Enrollment Menu where you can continue to enroll employees, if necessary.

  8. If you are finished enrolling employees, Press to exit the Enrollment Menu.

  9. Press the  button (bottom button on the right side of the screen) to synchronize the clock with the server.
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